A capture of memories

Inspired by the earthy tones and sunsets of Hawaii, these three Db icons remind Sage and Alana of home and of one another - even when miles apart. Both the Tote and the Freya 16L backpack are made from recycled nylon with a waxed top coating - a fabric that patinas and scuffs to immortalize adventures and memories These two bags act as the perfect traveling compliment to the Freya Fanny Pack - the exterior of which features sunset shot by Alana herself. This collection is built from the essence of keeping your belongings close, but your friends closer.

Through the lens of friendship

The term ‘best friend’ doesn’t come close to summing up the multi-decade spanning connection that Sage and Alana have. They’re each other’s loudest cheerleader; constantly pushing one another both professionally and personally. In terms of their careers, the two women are a formidable force to be reckoned with; shooting all over the world for the likes of Patagonia, Hurley and Oakley and picking up a couple of US Open Championships along the way. When they’re back home on the North Shore, however, they’re no longer the award-winning photographer and medal-winning surfer. They’re just Sage and Alana; two best friends, navigating work, life, new babies and making the most of the Hawaiian summer.

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