One step at a time, always with a sense of urgency

We are not a sustainable business. We acknowledge that everything we do has a significant impact on the planet and the people, from production, to transport and our own operations. However, we strive to be a responsible company that puts environmental, social and governance matters at the center of everything we do. In November 2022, Db’s Board of Directors committed to lock the company’s legal statuses and mission to take into account all stakeholders – including people and the planet – in our decision making.

A central part of this commitment is our responsibility roadmap launched in 2020 which compiles all current and future initiatives to decrease our footprint. During 2023, we will analyze and revise our roadmap to ensure it is aligned with science-based targets, ensuring we meet the global warming limitations set within the Paris Agreement following the recommendation of the IPCC.

DoBetter Roadmap

Accomplished goals


– STICA member
– Higg Index Tool suite rollout
– Optimized direct to consumer packaging implemented
– 100% certified renewable energy for our own operations
– 100% of tier-1 manufacturing suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct
– Creation of our Restricted Substance List


– Db Renewed (re-commerce platform) launched in Norway
– Ethics webpage published online, including Do Better roadmap and disclosure of our yearly carbon footprint
– 100% electric vehicle fleet
– 100% of the carbon emissions related to our DTC business are offset


– 100% PFC-free
– 100% webbings and bindings dope dyed
– 100% GRS recycled polybags
– Open factory list on our webpage
– Db Renewed (re-commerce platform) extended to Sweden and Denmark
– At least 100% of our carbon emissions are offset
– Limited lifetime warranty launched for all products for Db Black members

Future goals


– 100% GRS or RCS recycled fabrics, textile trims, foams, polyethylene boards
– 100% FSC Recycled paper packaging
– 100% Oeko-tex™️ certified fabrics and textile trims
– 100% PVC free
– Optimized DTC packaging implemented, envelopes replace carton boxes whenever possible
– Repair partners implemented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark
– First Responsibility Report published online
– Environmental impact of 90% of our products published online
– B Corp certified
– Updated business travel policy to reduce carbon emissions


– 100% black fabrics dope dyed
– Max 1% air freight on bulk production
– Sustainable shipping shall be the default option on web orders, the estimated climate impact from each shipping mode presented
– Fair Trade membership
– Energy efficiency programmes conducted at our top 3 most impactful suppliers in terms of carbon emissions


– 100% renewable energy at our warehouses
– Tier-1 manufacturing suppliers use at least 50% renewable energy
– Max 0.5% air freight on bulk production
– Rental pilot is live
– 100% tier-2 suppliers nominated and published online in our open supplier list
– 1% for the Planet membership
– Fair Wear Foundation membership
– 75% of all materials are recycled or made from renewable sources
– 100% of all materials used in our products are produced with at least 50% less fossil fuel energy or 50% less water than conventional alternatives or low-impact alternatives (recycled, bio-based, etc.)
– 100% of nominated tier-2 suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct
– Remove virgin plastic and virgin wood fiber from our packaging


– 5% of our revenues are generated by circular business models (resale, rental, repair)
– 50% reduction of our absolute emissions for scope 1 and 2 vs. 2019 (baseline year)
– 50% reduction of our (per unit produced) intensity emissions for scope 3 vs. 2019 (baseline year)
– 90% of all materials are recycled or made from renewable sources
– 100% of our fabrics are monocomponent including their coating and recyclable