London with Chris Burkard
What’s good, London?!

Just a quick thank you for coming out to our event at Hoxton Arches with Chris Burkard and Looking Sideways.  We love doing these events and the energy we felt afterwards confirmed we need to do way more - especially in the UK.

Chris and Db go way back, but we officially started working with him last year and the first thing we did was head to his home in Pismo Beach. We checked out his studio and filmed one of our first episodes of Pack Heavy, Chase Ligh

We then took on Stockholm together for another Chris Burkard x Looking Sideways event. The podcast is pretty epic and gives a great insight into Chris and his work if you want to know more about the man behind the lens. You’ll hear Chris refer to a couple of his projects including; Under Arctic Skies, Unnur, Wayward - make sure you check them out. 

Last Friday saw us rub shoulders and be in the presence of some iconic creatives from around the world. We love what they do, and we think you should make sure you’re giving them a follow on Socials. 

Ron Timehin
He’s shot for Apple, Adidas, American Express, Christian Louboutin, Disney, Nike, Prada and Google to name a few. His work has been published in British Vogue, GQ, and HYPEBEAST.  We look forward to working with Ron on a few projects we have up our sleeves. 

Andrew Alexander King 
This guy flew over from Portugal especially for our event (well, and to surf the wave in Bristol with Chris).  Andrew is an explorer, creator, climber and surfer currently training to surf the waves of Nazare.  We ended up in an east London pub, which was followed by dinner, and can confirm that Andrew is one of the nicest and most inspiring people you could wish to meet.

Joe Onyuma
We'll keep it short. He's the Mclaren F1 photographer and we're very happy that he poped by to say hej inbetween race weekends.

Owen Tozer 
The chief creative officer at Goodrays and Looking Sideways couldn’t exactly give the event a miss. We shot with him last year in Hossegor and at some point, yes, we’ll make a book from that trip.

Mia Brookes
Ok…. She tried making it but was still getting home from winning the Snowboarding World Championship at the age of 16.  Give her a follow, she’s doing amazing things.  We also have plenty in the works with TSA, one of her key partners, so keep an eye them too.

If you would like to learn more about Db in the UK, we have our iconic Cake Bike set up in Selfridges in the basement and we’re focusing on growing our footprint with a few key doors critical to the UK.

Slightly off topic but since we know you’re here for a good time too, on Thursday we took the team to Famous First Words at the Prince in SW London. Run by a couple of legendary British snowboarders, this is the most fun event you can imagine with singing, dancing, friends, it's everything you could wish to experience in London.  This month's event was in aid of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who are doing great work in the fight against suicide.

London, we love coming over and the energy you bring.  If you have ideas or anything you want to do, just drop us a note, we’re here to help.  Last thing, special mention goes to Jamie who flew from Holland and Pippo, our student ambassador,  who flew over from Munich especially for this event. 

See you next time, 

Team Db x