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Growing up in Park City, Sage Kotsenburg has created his own path from an early age. From winning Slopestyle golds with never been done before tricks, to multiple rider of the years with epic video parts, Sage's style is boundless - allowing him to enjoy every aspect of the mountain. 

The Db x Sage Kotsenburg collection is inspired by the Wasatch, workwear and earning your turns. Made up of three Db icons hand-selected by Sage himself, the collection has been purposefully curated to get you to the mountains.

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About Sage

You’ll have noticed that when it comes to ambassadors, we’ve been making a few changes to our set up over the last couple of years. As we move into new categories or look to refocus on existing ones, we usually seek out inspiration from ambassadors as, after all, they are the people using our product day in day out.  

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The Line-up

Made from workwear-inspired Waxed Birchwood Brown fabric with black accents and gold hardware, each bag features embroidered detailing of the Wasatch mountains. These peaks are more than just Sage’s home base; they’re the epicentre to his snowboarding career and where he will always return to. They shaped his style as a rider and ultimately helped him become the first ever Snowboarder to win Olympic gold at the 2014 Winter Games, securing his spot in snowboarding folklore.

As Sage always says; you get out what you put in. It’s a mantra that’s served him well and one we could all remember to live by. We decided to print this on every piece in his collection, just incase you find yourself needing an extra nudge to give it your all. 

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The Fjäll is our first ever backcountry icon created to meet the exact needs of those who are heading out into the unknown day in, day out, it's technical enough to answer the questions posed by mountain exploration, but clean enough for use in the streets. Sage’s edition features a Salt Lake Salt Flats inspired avalanche safety checklist and an additional snow saw pocket on the inside of the avalanche compartment so you can stay ready for anything.

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The bag that needs no introduction, but we’ll give it anyway. The Snowroller is the world's first length adjustable, compressible, rib protected, ski and snowboard bag and very much holds top spot in Db’s hall of fame. It’s where we originated from and where we will always come back to, and Sage didn’t feel his collection would be complete without including his interpretation of it. Like the Fjäll and the Hytta, it features an embroidered Wasatch mountain and Olympic gold inspired metal trims.

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With its innovative hemispheric design, methodically organized compartments and easy handling, the Hytta makes light work of traveling and handling bulky gear. Divided into two compartments, the Hytta is designed to bring structure and organization to the classic duffel bag, without compromising its carrying ability. Sage added a Wasatch mountain embroidered detailing to his edition, as well as Olympic gold inspired metal trims.

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