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Nearly a decade ago, we helped change the way snowboarders and skiers travel by creating a length-adjustable and compressible travel bag that truly kept equipment safe. We won awards. It had a buzz. And what began as a single bag developed into a worldwide community of travelers that trust Db’s backpacks and luggage on their adventures around the globe.

Today, we’re proud to bring the same design-focus and innovation into the surf world.

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Innovation at no extra cost

Meet the world's first adjustable, compressible, rib-protected board bags. The Surf Bag 3-4 Surfboard features a long-haul, multi-board coffin, while The Surf Bag Single Board Short and Mid-Length is a lightweight bag designed for single-board protection. Both bags make it a breeze to get from wherever you are to perfect surf.

The Hook-Up System™️

Bring more, carry less.
To solve the hassle of carrying multiple bags, we invented the Hook-Up System, which  simplifies carrying multiple bags. Whether you're carrying your surf gear or surf bags, our system enables you to connect them together. Hook up and haul several bags with one hand, and carry your coffee in the other.

Our field testers

Without our field testers we'd never be able to make award-winning products loved by the creative community. Our catalog of talented friends, ambassadors and incredible creatives are always happy to put our products to the test when combing the world in search of their next great story.

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